I knew you were awkward when you walked in

hey, I'm Brian and this is the point of view from my socially awkward, young adult life. I'm a music lover and musician, science geek, gaymer, Tarheel (UNC Chapel Hill), francophile, film enthusiast, thinker, food connoisseur, among other things. I'm an introvert, but that doesn't mean I don't like to get to know people. I don't suffer from being gay, I enjoy every second.
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ok i wanna talk about this part of pokemon cause noone has like talked about it yet and its important like you know in geosenge when the ultimate crystal shit blooms and the town is supposed to be in chaos but the houses just tip over

theyre entirely in one piece theyre just tipped over



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  • Maggie (Emma Roberts) is a con-artist fortuneteller who will have a romantic storyline with Jimmy (Evan Peters)



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